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Yerba mate Taragüi 1kg


Taragüi Yerba Mate Original with stems

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Yerba Mate is a tea-like drink from South America. Centuries ago it was discovered and drunk by the Guarani Indians. Yerba Mate is mainly consumed in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and the south of Brazil. The drink is made from dried, young leaves of the ‘Ilex paraguariensis’ and is packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

Taragui is a well-known, classic Argentinian Yerba Mate. The Yerba Mate is full of flavor.

‘Yerba’ stands for (Spanish: hierbas) herbs and ‘Mate’ for the gourd or wooden cup from which it is traditionally drunk. To enjoy this delicious drink yourself, you need 4 things.

What do you need for drinking Yerba Mate?

– Yerba Mate.

– A mate, the “drinking cup” of wood or gourd.

– ‘Bomba’ or ‘Bombilla’. This is a straw with filter.

– Hot water of 70 to 80 degrees in a thermos or teapot.

We recommend cleaning the mate before first use (with water, never with soap) and allowing it to stand for a few hours with (used) Yerba Mate so that the mate can get used to it. Then remove the Yerba Mate and scrape the sides with a spoon. Then rinse your mate again. Now your mate is ready to use!