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Alfajores de Merengue


Box of 12 Alfajores de Merengue. Handmade in Melly’s Cookie Bar Bakery



Melly’s cookie bar box with 12 handmade Maizena alfajores covered with soft meringue. An Alfajor means Cookie with filling and is a characteristic delicacy from South America. An alfajor consists of two soft cornstarch biscuits with a layer of dulce de leche (caramel) in between. The whole is often also covered with a layer of chocolate or merengue. Alfajores is mainly used in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and the south of Brazil. Alfajores go well with coffee, as a dessert or can be given as a gift.

Melly’s Cookiebar has been making fresh Alfajores in its own shop in the heart of Amsterdam since 2003 by the Mellicovsky family.